In memory of Jarvis C. Burrell (1915-1994)


3/17/2000: This is my Family Tree Project. It is my attempt to render into hypertext the family tree that currently hangs over my desk--a three-foot by five-and-a-half-foot window shade created by my grandfather, Jarvis C. Burrell, based on his research and the research of his father, George A. Burrell. By rendering it in hypertext, I'm hoping to make it accessible to more people, and to make it extensible.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything more clever to call it. I've decided to keep the name generic. I don't mean to imply that this is a universal family tree--it simply doesn't make sense to call it by any one family name. My own last name is Sandquist, but there will be few Sandquists here. Instead, there will be a great many Wentworths and Snells; however, those are the names of my maternal grandfather's grandmothers, and so not quite so close to mine.

Progress: At this point, the full framework of the tree and the navigation pad at left are complete. I have begun adding buttons to provide specific information about individuals. Click on those to get birth, death, and other information, and maybe even see a picture. Once that process is complete, I will begin adding information from other sources.


There are a few ways that you can navigate this site. You can use the navigation pad at left to jump to the beginning (Rynold the Saxon) or end (me) of the tree. You can go to a page of shortcuts to notable people in the tree. You can also see an overall map of the tree that shows the broad relationships among the major families in the tree. And, of course, you can always come back home to this page.

Alternatively, you can start at the beginning of each of the families listed above by clicking on them. Anywhere you go in the tree will be connected, however indirectly, to the rest of the tree.

Contact Me

Please e-mail me at with any comments, questions, or suggestions about this site. I am especially interested in hearing from people who are somehow connected to this tree, particularly if you or someone you know of is not in it and should be. I see this tree as indefinitely extensible. So if you have anything to add, please let me know.

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