from "In Memoriam A. H. H."
by Alfred Lord Tennyson

That each, who seems a separate whole,
Should move his rounds1, and fusing all
The skirts2 of self again, should fall
Remerging in the general Soul,

Is faith as vague as all unsweet:
Eternal form shall still divide
The eternal soul from all beside;
And I shall know him when we meet:

And we shall sit at endless feast,
Enjoying each the other's good:
What vaster dream can hit the mood
Of Love on earth? He seeks at least

Upon the last and sharpest height,
Before the spirits fade away,
Some landing-place, to clasp and say,
"Farewell! We lose ourselves in light."

1i.e. through the customary circuit of life
2outer edges or fringes

Adele Travisano

We arrived late in the evening at 115 Garfield Road during the days when we were "going" together. My father saw fit to come downstairs and do his fatherly duty to protect his daughter's purity. He and David got into a mildly heated exchange, the only part of which I remember is David saying "I never had a father."

Catherine Sandquist (Cumming)