Arlon, Belgium to Clervaux, Luxembourg

4 July

After the long, gruelling day from Gent to Arlon, most of the people in our group were in varying states of exhaustion. Eric and George took the train straight on to Clervaux. Sue had to go back to Poix-St.-Hubert to get her bike, and on her way back through Arlon, she was hit by an opening car door. Stephannie, Martin, and I left late in the morning to ride at least as far as Mersch in Luxembourg, from which we planned to take the train to Clervaux, avoiding the hilly portion of the ride.

My Bike Before a Day's Ride.  View from the Hotel in Arlon.

We started from the hotel, up past the train station, and through the center of Arlon. From there, we rode down through some suburbs and then into Luxembourg. Not only was there no formal border crossing, but there wasn't even a sign indicating that we'd entered Luxembourg. The road in Luxembourg followed a river valley from town to town, so our ride was much easier than the previous day's. A few kilometers before Septfontaines, we came upon what must be the most beautiful water treatment plant in the world.

Grounds of a Water Treatment Plant in Luxembourg

A little further on, we came to Septfontaines, a cute little town with a decrepit castle looming on the hill behind it. It was just about noon, and it had started to rain. We decided to duck into a cafe and have lunch while we waited out the rain. The first cafe that we found was closed, but we found another up a little back road that was open. Though it looked like a French cafe, it was actually a Chinese restaurant. They spoke Chinese and a little French, and we spoke English and a little French. We ordered in a combination of bad French and pantomime. Unsurprisingly, the Chinese food in rural Luxembourg is not that good.

We waited nearly three hours for the rain to stop, but it didn't look like that was going to happen. So I mustered my best French sentence of the trip for our waitress: "Nous voudrons un taxi pour Mersch pour nous et trois velos." Nearly an hour later, the taxi arrived, and we managed to load all three bikes in the back. The taxi took us to Mersch, where we got a train to Clervaux.


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