Tue - July 27, 2004

Perhaps There's Hope

"Almost half the women said they preferred single life because it was easier to keep their homes tidy and 36 percent said with no man on the scene they didn't have to endure watching sports on television." (via Neva)

"It was reported that some boys who were given Risperdal in Florida, where it is used as a 'chemical restraint' in state facilities, developed lactating breasts."

"...strength and wisdom are not conflicting values..."

"I believe tonight, as I always have, that the essential decency, compassion and common sense of the American people will prevail. And so I say to you and to others around the world, whether they wish us well or ill: do not underestimate us Americans. We lack neither strength nor wisdom."

"Not many Republicans in the business community want to own up to the fact that the financial markets have been in a bear since the beginning of the year. ...even conservatives can see now that it has mostly been attributable to fear of Bush record deficit spending."

"Did you get the whole subtext-thing about how much I think you suck? Because sometimes I can be a little *too* subtle."

"There is no sweeter, more empowering sound than the sound of an unanswered phone or doorbell. You can even sing a little lighthearted song to yourself while you wait for them to hang up or go away, something along the lines of, 'La la la, I'm not answering, la la la, I'm not talking to you...'"