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  Monday, August 12, 2002

What is Everyone Else Reading Next Year?

Our reading group has chosen the reading list for next year. It's a sort of tour of twentieth century literature, generally moving from Europe to America. And after a year of reading Proust, we've decided to read shorter books.

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Is Food Life?

Anyone who has spent more than a couple of terms in college has had a professor who believes that he or she alone understands the history of civilization, and it is usually on the basis of some simple yet bizarre notion ("He who controls the world's supply of cumin controls the world"). It is the loopiest and most entertaining manifestation of the human impulse to develop grand, all-encompasing explanations. But Felipe Fernández-Armesto's Near a Thousand Tables sounds like the complement to this phenomenon, an attempt to follow the impact of an overlooked item throughout history (in this case, food).

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How Do Macintoshes Inspire Such Zealotry?

Not long after I got my first computer as an adult, I had installed Linux as one of its operating systems, and not long after that, it was the only operating system on the computer. I used Linux, which, God knows, inspires all sorts of mouth-foaming zealotry, for at least five years without committing public zealotry. Yet I've only had my iBook for about a year, and I've already descended to a base act of Mac zealotry.

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