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  Thursday, August 29, 2002


CBS (the "Tiffany Network") has announced its intention to air The Real Beverly Hillbillies, and... Oh, never mind...

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How Do You Define Creativity?

It looks like Lance Bass from 'N Sync is actually going to be sent into space this fall. (Unfortunately, the plans call for him be brought back as well.) Apparently, NASA sees this as a way to improve its image among the few youngsters who still listen to 'N Sync. But they're not content with a little publicity:

"What's exciting about this is getting a creative person up there," said Duane Carey, a space shuttle pilot and father of two teens. "Maybe some songs or some poetry or some type of inspiration can come out of it."

Is he clear on exactly who Lance Bass is?

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Is This Also It?

On Tuesday, I installed Jaguar on all of my Macs and my reaction is, as Chris would say, meh... All of the reviews that I've seen had given me the impression that this would be a significant improvement over version 10.1. It's true that things I had never really perceived as slow (menus, opening and closing windows, etc.) are definitely snappier, and several interface elements are improved. But on the whole, it feels like I'm using beta software.

Much of what I do with my computer involves a Web browser, and I can't find one that runs reliably under Jaguar. There's a problem with the Java plug-in in Jaguar, so some sites that use Java applets (like the New York weather radar, which I use a lot) cause browsers to crash. And Mozilla-based browsers, which I prefer and which had run very well under version 10.1, have weird random text disappearing problems under Jaguar. Finally, the upgrade took nearly two hours and used up another gigabyte of hard drive space. The whole operating system shouldn't be that large, so I can't imagine why an upgrade would use that much additional space. On the whole, I'm not impressed.

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