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  Thursday, September 19, 2002

Just Who Is Steve Raker?

Anyone who has spent much time reading Salon Weblogs has probably come across numerous comments from Steve Raker. And like me, you may have wondered who he is. Is he in prison contemplating the efficacy of ice picks in Florida? Is he a Vice President at Edgewood Building Supply in Carmel, Indiana? Or is he a SAAB enthusiast in Delta, Ohio who looks like this?

My guess is the last one (which is the one I'd prefer to be), since the e-mail address matches. Aside from wondering who he is, I wonder (as I've noted before) why he doesn't have a Weblog. He seems to have a lot to say, and it's often amusing, insightful, and/or provocative.

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Know What I'm Sayin'?
See, back in tha day, this one A.R. bruthah got busted forwardin' a e-mail list of Monica Lewinsky jokes to anotha bruthah. When word got 'round, we put tha muthafucka in traction wit' a quickness, even though he wuz jus' a new-jack punk only five months certified. His mama told tha newzpaypas that tha A.R. wuz responsible, but even from his hospital bed, that bitch never pressed no charges 'cause he wanted to roll with our posse so bad. Didn't show him no mercy, tho'. Ain't no excuse foe that wack e-mailin' shit. Don't nobody want to get them lame jokes, 'specially not no hardcore A.R. enforcas.

So if y'all don't stop forwardin' that wack-ass e-mail ta me, tha H-Dog will be on yo' ass wit' tha Letta Opener Of Death wit' a quickness. Peace.

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Is This the Worst Kind of Artistic Opportunism?

Eric points out and accurately critiques Eric Fischl's misguided attempt to memorialize victims of the World Tade Center's destruction. The article describes the statue as "a naked woman with arms and legs flailing," but it doesn't look quite that way to me. If one looks closely, it becomes apparent that the woman's legs, rather than flailing, form a fairly straight line, consistent with a sitting posture if turned right side up. It looks to me like Mr. Fischl took a bronze casting of a woman sitting down (maybe one that he already had lying around), attached it to a base upside down, and called it a tribute. Rather than being offended by its tasteless sensationalism, I'm offended by the artist's laziness.

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Is This iBrowse?

Spymac is suggesting that Apple will in fact be dumping Internet Explorer in favor of another browser. Their prediction is that the new browser will be Chimera.

While I think that that would be great, I'm a little suspicious of this rumor (and not just because it comes from a Mac rumor site). The article claims that "Apple is scheduled to make an announcement regarding their new browser of choice at the coming Macworld San Francisco." I really don't think that Chimera, as impressive as it is, will be ready for prime time by January. If Apple wants to announce a new browser standard by then, I would expect them to devote more resources to its development.

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