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  Monday, September 30, 2002

How Did Maureen Dowd Get a Job?

Rob at Emphasis Added has posted an excellent rant about the inadequacies of Maureen Dowd as a columnist. To sum up:

How such a limited writer and thinker as Maureen Dowd manages to hold a featured spot on the editorial page of the nation's leading newspaper is baffling... Her writing is artless, her humor is witless, her political insights are banal and her tone is often embarrassing. Even when I find myself in agreement with her, I have to wince at the sour notes she so often strikes.

There's not much that I can add to that.

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Didn't This Just Happen in China?

The Branch County, Michigan sheriff's office has issued a warning about telemarketing scams in the county:

In the course of this investigation, it was learned that this is going on throughout the United States and some of these telemarketing programs are believed to be operated by Al-Qaeda. The CIA has announced that they acquired a videotape showing Al-Qaeda members making phone solicitations for vacation home rentals, long distance telephone service, magazine subscriptions and other products.

The problem with this report is that it drew its facts, directly or indirectly, from this article in The Onion.

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Should Apple Have Released a Beta Version of Such High Profile Software?

In the world of open source software, the mantra is "Release early, release often." I don't know whether Apple was following this strategy or if it was just trying to meet its self-imposed September 30th deadline when it publicly released a beta version of its iSync software on Saturday. In either case, I don't think it was such a good strategic move.

The reviews of iSync have not been very positive so far. My own experience has been that it's incredibly slow. Synchronizing my Handspring Visor with my iBook and the .mac server takes more half an hour (even with only a dozen items to change)--two or three such synchronizations and my Handspring's batteries, which generally last a couple of months, will be used up.

When releasing a product, the sole purpose of which is to make things smooth and easy, it's a bad idea to release something that's not finished. Even if users are aware that it's a beta, the experience undermines their impression of the product. But then this is the company that has a year-old operating system without a stable native browser.

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What Do You Watch on Sunday Nights?

Two indelible images from a Sunday evening's television viewing:

  1. On The Sopranos, there was Janice sodomizing Ralphie with a vibrator while showering him with all sorts of abusive female epithets.

  2. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, the episode closed with an actor that Larry thinks is pursuing his wife Cheryl rubbing club soda and salt over her breasts, while Larry, who is being throttled by a sales clerk's angry husband, is trying to watch and object.

Sunday night television used to mean The Wonderful World of Disney or The Ed Sullivan Show. Things sure have changed.

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