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  Saturday, October 12, 2002

Didn't Hitler Get into Trouble When He Opened a Second Front?

It seems that Al Qaeda hasn't quite given up the ghost yet:

American officials say they fear that attacks attributed to Al Qaeda in the past week and taped messages from the group's leaders signal the beginning of a new wave of terrorist activity and possibly a large-scale attack.
Senior government officials also say attacks in Yemen and Kuwait, which crippled a French oil tanker and killed a United States marine, demonstrated that the terror network had reconstituted itself, with smaller groups prompted to launch new attacks by inflammatory new messages from Qaeda leaders.

Historians and military strategists generally agree that one of the tactical mistakes that Nazi Germany made in World War II was to open an eastern offensive against Russia before they had things wrapped up on the western front. By itself, Russia wasn't much of a threat, and they certainly weren't about to undertake any sort of offensive efforts themselves.

A year ago, the U.S. declared war on Al Qaeda, and a year later, the results of that effort are still unclear. But before things are wrapped up in Afghanistan and wherever else terrorists lurk, it looks like we're going to open hostilities in Iraq. If we have been unable to reach any sort of decisive result against terrorists in more than a year, why are we in such a hurry to enter into another morass against a country that poses no immediate threat?

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Did He Think This Would Actually Be Acceptable?

In this week's "Ethicist" column in the New York Times, Sang Hyun Park of Toronto asks:

During my morning commute, a single lane of cars waits to enter the highway access ramp, a wait that can be more than 10 minutes. But if I use the adjacent second lane and merge into the front of the first lane, the wait is much less. Is it ethical to do this?

Have we devolved to the point where people actually need this explained to them?

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