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  Sunday, December 15, 2002

Is Al Gore Going to Run for President Again?

The moment that he appeared nearly naked in a hot tub with Chris Parnell as Joe Lieberman, it was clear to me that Al Gore will not be running for President in 2004. He's a much better improvisational comedian than Robert DeNiro though.

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Who is Cooler?

At the request of the Reverse Cowgirl and in lieu of my awkward ramblings on the matter, I'm posting this poll:

Do you find the uberchick or the Reverse Cowgirl to be cooler?

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Where Do All of Those Souls Come From?

Sean at Sinister Dexterity has posted the second installment in his intimations of immortality. In this one, he considers the impact of the explosion in human population on the availability of souls for reincarnation, a minor theme in James Merrill's brilliant The Changing Light at Sandover. I'm told that the third part of intimations of immortality is forthcoming. I look forward to it.

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Who Was Jack the Ripper?

According to Caleb Carr, Patricia Cornwell has no idea.

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