Fri - February 27, 2004

What If Yoga Had Been Popular in the 1950s?

My wife asked me how my yoga class went yesterday morning. I told her that, as always, I felt better for having done it, but (given my rotund form) doing the forward bends is like trying to fold a ball. She started giggling uncontrollably. When she regained her breath, she explained that she was thinking of a Honeymooners episode in which Ralph and Norton would take a yoga class together. (My wife occasionally casts me as Ralph Kramden in the sitcom of our life.) Imagine Ralph's eyes bulging as he struggles and huffs to get into a downward dog or teeters precariously on his belly in a locust, while Norton shifts from pose to pose with preternatural ease, accompanying each transition with his trademark flourishes and shaking out his hands before joining them in front of his chest. It's sad that we'll never see this episode.